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The UND Center for Family Medicine is part of the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences. All our faculty physicians are Board Certified Family Practitioners. Faculty members of the UND School of Medicine supervise residents who have earned their Doctorate of Medicine degree and are specializing in Family Medicine.

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Brynn Luger

Clinical Counselor

Dr. Luger received her doctorate in counselor education and supervision from North Dakota State University and her masters in counseling from the University of North Dakota. She has been a licensed counselor since 2006, specializing in adult clinical mental health counseling. Dr. Luger also provides trauma therapy, couples therapy, and her areas of interest are Native American mental health issues, trauma, and addiction.

In addition, Dr. Luger is an Assistant Professor in the Clinician Scholar Track at UND. She provides behavioral health training to resident family physicians at UND Center for Family Medicine. To make an appointment with Dr. Luger, please call: (701) 751-9500 or (866) 870-0464